1. A domestic dog of any of various breeds commonly used for hunting, characteristically having drooping ears, a short coat, and a deep resonant voice.
    2. A dog.
  1. A contemptible person; a scoundrel.
    1. One who eagerly pursues something: a gossip hound.
    2. A devotee or an enthusiast: a coffee hound.


  1. To pursue relentlessly and tenaciously. 
  2. To urge insistently; nag: hounded me until I agreed to cut my hair.
    (from Old English Hund



The Back Porch Hounds, AKA the Hounds, perform a roots mix of country blues, old style jazz, celtic, oldtime and bluegrass.  For the most part we do old obscure music with a slightly modern edge.  We're also doing more and more original material.  We look like a bluegrass band from a distance and although we love and perform some bluegrass, we especially love tapping into the many roots of bluegrass.  You might even call our music a Bluegrass Family Reunion.


Previous events


Hounds at the Pit

Pit to Plate, 8021 Hamilton Ave, Mt. Healthy, Ohio

This is our last Pit to Plate appearance for 2015.   We'll be back the fourth Friday of every month starting again in January.  Don't forget the Pit smokes Thanksgiving turkeys.  See Diane about your order...

$2 cover with meal


Mill Creek ReCreation Celebration

Mill Creek ReCreation Celebration, TBA, Reading, Ohio

See the Millcreek Watershed Council Web site for details



Hounds at the Pit

Pit to Plate, 8021 Hamilton Ave, Mt. Healthy, Ohio

$2 cover with meal

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