From the recording Train Whistle Blues

All of the songs here were one time first takes at a rehearsal and will likely be replaced with tighter versions as we find the time.   Dennis brought Train Whistle Blues as a new song to try out that day.  We went through it once to map out our arrangement and solos and then turned on the recorder for what became the recording you hear here.  There's something magic about that first time you play a song together that can never quite be captured again.  There are sour notes here and there and the song will eventually evolve and become much more polished and better in many ways, creating a whole new energy and magic.  But that first time is something special.   Sometimes those unintentional notes become pleasant surprises and part of the band's signature so it will be interesting to see what happens with it down the road.  We hope Jimmie Rodgers would have approved of the Hound's interpretation of this great old song.